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From Our Business to Yours: Christmas Packaging Ideas for B2B Gifting

October 17th, 2023      By Jeff Brandt

As the holiday season approaches, now is the perfect time for businesses to create memorable experiences for their customers. Your Christmas packaging, especially using corrugated boxes, plays a crucial role in making that first positive impression. With the holiday rush in full swing, it’s essential to stand out and delight your customers.

If you’re seeking creative Christmas packaging ideas to surprise your customers, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, our team at Brandt Box will explore innovative tips and strategies to ensure your products shine and leave a lasting impression this holiday season. Let’s dive into the world of Christmas packaging magic!

What Makes Christmas Packaging Crucial for Businesses?

What Makes Christmas Packaging Crucial for Businesses

Christmas packaging for businesses is more than just pretty wrapping; it’s a strategic tool that can profoundly impact customer relations and brand success. Something as simple as gift wrapping elevates the customer experience by conveying care and appreciation, turning routine transactions into memorable festive moments.

Beyond aesthetics, custom Christmas packaging is a unique branding opportunity. Use it to set your products apart and reinforce your brand’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. It’s a chance to showcase your creativity and identity during the holiday season.

Furthermore, it’s a powerful marketing tool. Beautifully wrapped holiday packages encourage customers to share their excitement on social media and generate valuable free publicity for your brand. In essence, Christmas packaging is a multi-faceted investment that enhances customer engagement, strengthens brand loyalty, and fosters a sense of celebration and joy.

7 Christmas Packaging Ideas to Amaze Your Customers

Let’s embark on a journey to discover seven delightful Christmas gift-wrapping ideas that’ll leave your customers amazed and full of holiday cheer. In the world of business, especially during the festive season, creating a memorable and positive impression is paramount. Your Christmas packaging is your canvas to craft that magical experience for your valued customers.

1. Seasonal Promotions and Discounts

Seasonal Promotions and Discounts

During the holiday season, customers are on the lookout for great deals and discounts. Surprise your customers by incorporating seasonal promotions and discounts directly into your Christmas packaging. Consider offering exclusive coupon codes or vouchers that can be redeemed on their next purchase. You can also include surprise gifts or free samples of your products as a token of appreciation for their loyalty.

Furthermore, make the unboxing experience memorable by hiding special discount cards or promotional materials within the packaging. When customers discover these surprises as they open their packages, it adds an element of excitement and encourages them to engage further with your brand. Seasonal promotions and discounts integrated into your Christmas packaging can create a sense of goodwill and keep customers coming back for more during and after the holiday season. It’s a win-win strategy that can help boost sales and customer loyalty.

2. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Incorporating eco-friendly packaging into your Christmas strategy isn’t only a thoughtful gesture but also a trend that resonates with environmentally-conscious customers. Surprise your customers by choosing sustainable materials for your packaging, such as recyclable cardboard or biodegradable materials. You can even emphasize your commitment to sustainability by including a small note explaining your eco-friendly packaging choice and how it aligns with your brand’s values.

To take it a step further, you can design packaging that customers can reuse or repurpose. For instance, choose boxes with resealable lids or incorporate decorative elements that can be easily detached and used as holiday ornaments. By prioritizing eco-friendly packaging, you’ll show your customers your dedication to the environment and also make a positive impact on the planet. Overall, this can enhance your brand’s reputation and customer loyalty.

3. Branding and Logo Integration

Wrapping paper is the perfect way to leave a lasting impression on your customers. They’ll love your Christmas packaging that seamlessly integrates your branding and logo. Consider custom-designed packaging that prominently features your brand’s logo and holiday-themed visuals. Use your brand colors and fonts to create a cohesive and recognizable look that conveys the spirit of the season.

Adding a personal touch to your packaging, such as including a handwritten thank-you note or a festive sticker with your logo, can make customers feel valued and appreciated. This attention to detail shows that you’ve put thought into the packaging and reinforces your brand identity.

As soon as your customers receive a package that contains their purchases and reflects the essence of the holidays and your brand, it’ll enhance their overall shopping experience and create a positive association with your business. It’s a win-win!

4. Incorporating Personalized Messages

One delightful way to surprise your customers during the holiday season is by including personalized messages in your Christmas packaging. These messages can range from simple holiday greetings to more personalized notes that show genuine appreciation for their support. If possible, address customers by their names to add a personalized touch.

To make it even more special, you can even consider incorporating messages that reflect the values and mission of your brand. For example, express gratitude for their contribution to a charitable cause your business supports or share a heartwarming holiday story related to your products. The goal is to connect with your customers on a personal level and create a sense of warmth and goodwill. When customers open their packages and find personalized messages inside, it will evoke positive emotions and foster a deeper connection between them and your brand.

5. Unique Packaging for Corporate Gifts

Unique Packaging for Corporate Gifts

Let’s face it; when it comes to corporate gift-giving during the holiday season, standing out is essential. Surprise your corporate clients and partners with unique packaging that makes a statement. Here are some examples of how you can achieve this:

  • Custom Gift Boxes: Create custom-designed gift boxes featuring your corporate colors, logo, and a personalized message.
  • Themed Packaging: Tailor the packaging to align with your corporate theme or industry. For instance, if you’re in the tech sector, consider packaging that resembles a festive computer or gadget.
  • Elegant Presentation: Opt for elegant and upscale packaging, such as sleek black holiday gift boxes with metallic accents, to convey a sense of luxury.
  • Personalized Ribbons: Wrap corporate Christmas gifts with ribbons featuring the recipient’s name or your company’s logo.
  • Branded Accessories: Include branded accessories such as pens, notebooks, or USB drives within the packaging.

Investing in unique packaging for corporate gifts will help you surprise your clients and partners and reinforce your brand identity. As a result, you’ll leave a memorable impression that can foster long-term business relationships.

6. Surprising Packaging Accessories

Don’t be afraid to jazz up your gift-wrapping ideas. Consider adding unexpected packaging accessories that can take your Christmas packaging to the next level and pleasantly surprise your customers. Here are some creative ideas to consider:

  • Mini Ornaments: Include small, holiday-themed ornaments that customers can hang on their trees or use as festive decorations.
  • Scented Elements: Infuse your packaging with a delightful holiday scent, such as pine, cinnamon, or vanilla, using scented sachets or stickers.
  • Interactive Elements: Create packaging that unfolds to reveal a fun holiday activity, like a mini puzzle, trivia, or a holiday recipe.
  • Gift Tags with a Twist: Design gift tags that include a QR code leading to a surprise discount or exclusive holiday content on your website.
  • Reusable Packaging: Opt for packaging that customers can repurpose, such as a decorative tin that becomes a storage container after the holidays.

These surprising packaging accessories add an extra layer of delight and encourage customers to engage with your brand. The unboxing experience will become memorable. It’s a great way to create positive brand associations and enhance customer loyalty.

7. Packaging for Last-Minute Shoppers

Packaging for Last-Minute Shoppers

Not everyone is prepared ahead of time. For those customers who are rushing to get their holiday shopping done at the last minute, surprise them with convenient and thoughtful packaging options. For example, you can offer expedited shipping and ensure that the packaging is designed for quick and easy gift wrapping. Include pre-tied ribbons, gift bags, or boxes with foldable flaps to save them time during the busy holiday season.

Additionally, consider providing gift-wrapping services as an option during the checkout process. This can be a lifesaver for last-minute shoppers who may not have the time or resources to wrap gifts themselves. By catering to the needs of stressed-out shoppers and providing efficient packaging solutions, you can turn stressed-out last-minute shoppers into satisfied and loyal customers.


Incorporating creative Christmas packaging ideas can truly surprise and delight your customers during the holiday season. Whether it’s through personalized messages, eco-friendly choices, or unique packaging accessories, these thoughtful touches can make a lasting impact. Plus, each unique holiday gift will look beautiful under the Christmas tree!

At Brandt Box, we understand the importance of creating memorable packaging experiences. Our wide range of corrugated boxes and packing supplies can help you bring these ideas to life and ensure your customers receive both your products and the joy of the season.

Ready to elevate your packaging game this Christmas? Contact us today and let’s make this holiday season truly special for your business and your customers.


How can I ensure my Christmas packaging is both festive and professional?

To strike a balance between festive and professional Christmas packaging, incorporate holiday colors, seasonal graphics, and subtle branding elements like your company logo. Be sure to choose quality materials such as gift wrap, kraft paper, or custom paper, and consider elegant finishing touches like metallic accents or embossed designs. Keep the design consistent with your brand’s identity while adding a touch of holiday cheer with creative gift wrap ideas, a Christmas tree, and wrapped gifts.

How do I choose the right packaging size for my holiday products or gifts?

When choosing the ideal packaging size for your Christmas presents or holiday gifts, start by accurately measuring your products. Take into account their dimensions and any extra padding or accessories like tissue paper or gift wrapping paper. It’s key to select packaging that provides a snug fit to ensure that your gifts won’t shift inside the gift box or gift bag during transit. Consider a variety of packaging options, including boxes, bags, or envelopes, and prioritize sizes that minimize excess space while keeping your items well-protected.

What are the best practices for safely shipping Christmas packages to customers?

For a unique gift wrap idea, use robust packaging materials to shield your holiday gifts. Safeguard delicate holiday gifts with adequate padding and fill any gaps with suitable packing materials. To ensure smooth delivery, label your packages clearly and opt for a reliable shipping service with tracking options. Additionally, consider offering shipping insurance for added peace of mind during the holiday season.

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