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MVP Box®

The adjustable MVP Box is the box that pays for itself®!

How it works

Millions of boxes are shipped daily that are too large for the products inside. The larger the box, the more expensive the freight and more void fill is required. Shipping that extra space could cost more than the box itself!


The height of the patented MVP Box® can be reduced instantly without any expensive machinery or the time-consuming process of manually cutting down a standard box with a knife. Eliminating the empty space saves money on freight, void fill, and labor, and increases shipping capacity by up to 50%!


The MVP Box® can be custom made to accommodate most sizes and can be reused for product returns.


The amount of money the MVP Box® will save you more than pays for the box. Between the money saved on freight, labor, and void fill, the MVP Box® is the box that pays for itself™!

How it works

Benefits of the MVP Box®

Standard Box MVP Box®
Extra freight cost to ship boxes with empty space Reduces Shipping Costs
Requires void fill for empty space Minimizes Void Fill Costs
Boxes that are too big take up more space Environmentally Friendly
Alternative solutions require either:

  • Expensive machinery or
  • Labor intensive to manually cutting down boxes with a knife
Box heights adjusts instantly without expensive machines or cutting tools
Benefits of the MVP Box<span style="font-size: 15px; vertical-align: super;">®</span>

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Get Your MVP Box Today!

Get Your MVP Box Today!

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